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About us

  • The charm of the natural setting is the first thing that will strike you when you arrive in Stavros: a breath-taking mix of colours – the blue of the sea, the deep green of the foliage, and the golden rays of sunshine dancing on the waters of the Richios River.

    What to enjoy

    Exploring the beautiful landscapes of the region you will discover other little secrets which will initiate you into the charm of life in Stavros. As you follow the picturesque trails around the area’s unique natural and historical features, you will be introduced to the delicious local cuisine with its subtle flavours, you will enjoy moonlit evenings full of music and excitement, and at every moment you will feel the warm hospitality of the local people’s welcome.

    This is what Stavros means to us. A wonderful combination of natural beauty and the energy of the local people – and all just a forty-minute drive from Thessaloniki!


    Association of Tourist Accommodation – Stavros.